If you are building a new house or you want to have a new chimney in your old kitchen or you want to replace your old chimney and want to replace it, then you should know some things related to the chimney. Tempering is more commonly used in Indian cuisine.

Apart from this, spices are also used in frying, grilling and eating. In such a situation, a proper chimney can easily remove smoke and odor from the kitchen. Nowadays there are many types of chimneys sold in the market, from which it is difficult to choose the right chimney.

Kitchen Chimney
Kitchen Chimney

We will tell you what to keep in mind while buying a chimney.

1. Chimney type

Pipes are used to throw out smoke in a type of chimney. While in the other there is no need to connect the chimney to the duct. The carbon filter inside it soaks up smoke, oil and odor and leaves the purified air back into the kitchen. The problem in this is that the oil gets stuck in the carbon quickly and it has to be cleaned quickly.

Both types of chimneys can be used, but ducted chimneys are better. Even in this, if the duct pipe is too bent or too long, it takes time for the air to come out from the chimney. There is a need for space for the duct, so if you have space in your kitchen, then place a duct chimney. If there is a shortage of space, the chimney with carbon filter will be correct.

2. Modern fireplace

In earlier times the chimney used to be different, such as direct button or push button. However, gas sensor chimneys are more prevalent in markets nowadays. If for some reason you are also having a gas leak, then this chimney starts automatically and also turns off after the gas is released. So these chimneys are more popular nowadays.

3. Concentration of chimney suction power

Apart from this, keep in mind the suction power of the chimney, because the higher it is, the more odorless and smokeless the kitchen is. This capacity ranges from 500 m cubic per hour to 1,200 m cubic per hour in the chimney. It has a chimney with 900 m cubic per hour to 1,000 m per hour suction power.

4. Kitchen size care

Kitchen size has a big role in the chimney installation process. If the kitchen is large, it is better to install a chimney with more section power. It is estimated that the kitchen chimney needs to be filled with ten times pure air in an hour. Therefore, before choosing a chimney, it is right to put the same amount of suction power in the chimney kitchen after the kitchen volume is multiplied by ten.

5. Guarantee

Apart from 1 year to 5 years, chimney with lifetime guarantee is also available. The price of the chimney also depends on its warranty. The price of a chimney ranges from a few thousand to millions, which the customer buys according to his budget. A good chimney can easily operate 10 to 15 years.

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