Think of the primal zone in your home; yes, it is your living space that needs to be lavish and grand. Being the common space that leads to other secluded spots in your home, keeping the living room decked-up at all times is important.

To make it welcoming and also to showcase your refined taste in art, adding stylistic elements to your living space can make a world of difference. And what better than living room wall art, because they demand attention and will make your guests go “wow”! 

Living Room Wall decoration
Photo: Living Room Wall decoration

To choose the perfect wall art for your living room, let us share some ideas that you can bank on. 

  • Proportion is crucial – First of all, you must keep the size of your wall and that of the wall art in mind. There is beauty in imperfections but make sure the imperfections are not too elaborate. Arranging wall art above the sofa depending on the size of the wall is a safe bet. If you have a spacious wall in your living space that is clean, hanging an oversized piece of wall art can add quirk and charm to the room. Ideally, the wall art should not exceed two-thirds the length of your sofa.
  • Feel the vibe – It is your home: your personal space and your haven. So opt for something that flatters you. Do not put up anything on the wall that does not emanate the kind of vibe you are expecting, or the feeling of happiness for that matter. The art prints that you are in search of, must possess some qualities that go well with your personality.
  • Be bold and experiment – If the wall art is capable of adding a character to the room, then go for it. The depth and warmth of colors, the different tones, and textures can masterfully add that little something which will make your space look complete. You can experiment with fusion, modern, classic wall art pieces to add charisma to your space. You can even mix and match textures to add depth and dimension to your living room using wall art.
  • Like to match – Are you thinking of matching the wall art to the décor? Great idea! Art indeed allows the other accent colors to bloom. But, the wall art must match the overall color scheme of your living space. You can look at your walls, furniture, cushions, and other elements in your living room to decide upon the wall art you are willing to try. Try to choose from colors and shades that are already present in the living room décor, but make sure to retain the color proportions in your wall art, to add subtlety and classiness.
  • Define space amidst modern interiors – Does your living space have an open-floor design, like, a wall shared by the kitchen and the living room? Then choose wall art that looks consistent; place it first in your kitchen and then in the living room. Your aim should be to make effective use of the wall space available and develop consistency.

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