If you are looking forward to revamping your living room any time soon, and don’t want to spend on the services of an interior designer, then you have come to the right place.

Typically, the living room is more frequented than the bedroom, and to add in a pinch of refreshment and confidence there are many ideas that you can try out.

Living Room design ideas photo by interiorideas

Here are some classy living room revamping ideas that are sure to work wonders.

Pick neutral shades

If you don’t love playing around with bold colors and patterns, but you do have a liking for colorful pieces of art and accessories, then you would love a neutral-toned living room. Instead of choosing a black and white sofa and tables, you can choose neutral-toned furniture and complement it with red, blue, green, and even marigold colored throws, lampshades, and art pieces.

Add in a dash of fun

Those who have an eternal love for classic accessories and furniture can add in traditional curtains, wallpaper, lamps, and even flooring. But to amuse your guests you can set an edgy tone to your living room by adding in quirky pieces here and there. For example, you can choose a floral sofa along with a green coffee table, and be surprised and astonished by your handy-work.

Keep it elegant

If you don’t like mixing and matching various tones of furniture and accessories, then keep it pristine and elegant. You can go on and paint the walls white and you can even add white couches with white throws. To make your living room look pristine and pure, choose glass pieces as your accessories, as it will sharpen the features of your room by a few notches at least.

If not white, then off-white

If you don’t want to overdo the decoration of your living room, and instead want to set a cozy and inviting atmosphere, then off white is your color! You can begin by painting your walls and window panes off-white and then bring in colorful yet contrasting prints throughout the room. It will give out playful vibes while making the room look formal and polished.

Play with throw pillows

To make your living room look all grand and approachable at the same time, you can experiment with cushions. Start by giving the rest of your room accessories a monochromatic look and then choose pillows with colorful patterns, prints, and even symbols.

Statement lighting

The lighting installations play a major role in setting the atmosphere and décor of any room and your living room is not an exception to this. You can add metallic lighting and that would make your room look glam without being too showy. As the lighting will be on the catchier side, add minimalistic design to the rest of the room.

Go minimalistic but bold

If you prefer to keep your room decor minimalistic, then add a splash of color by hanging in a modern art piece on the walls. Before starting with the decorations, inspect the space that your living room offers and remodel accordingly.

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