Black shows confidence and certainly can amp up the oomph factor of your living room. Painting it black is a very uncommon yet sexy idea that can make your living room ‘the talk of the town’. 

In this blog, let us talk about a few ideas about how you can design your black living room to make things look happening and most definitely out-of-the-box.

Black Living Room Design
Black Living Room Design

Black living rooms with metallic accents

You can rely upon black safely all you’ve got to do is choose proper metallic elements that will look gorgeous with the color black. You can also opt for mirrored furniture or plush fabrics or leather upholstery, and add a little bit of gold by opting for gold cabinets. Or choose golden racks to add a contemporary and glamorous touch to your living room.

Evenly lit living room

If you are choosing to add a lot of black elements then make sure that your living room gets proper natural light. A huge window would make your work easier. You can also install skylights that will light up all the nooks and crannies of your living room nicely and will bring out the sexiness of the color black and other elements in the living room as well.

So, you must keep the lighting in mind as it is perhaps the most important factor. The Art Deco style can be paired with black perfectly, this adds to the luxuriousness and modernity factors of your living room.

Black and Grey drawing rooms

A dark grey will look chic beside black pair these two superb colors intelligently. If you choose to paint your walls grey then go for black furniture. You can also choose pale grey which will enhance the contrast to make it look more minimalistic and fashionable. Grey walls demand black paintings or wall hangings which add confidence and subtlety at the same time to your living space.

Black and red, the color of the devil

Are you the bold kind? Then you can’t agree more with me if I ask you to make it all red and black. In this case, you can gladly use wooden elements in your living room but make sure to choose burgundy or rusted reds or crimson because bright red isn’t great for eyes and of course you can’t ignore the over the top factor which companies bright red right? Leather upholstery, wooden cabinets, and wooden flooring along with lovely artifacts… what else do you need to make your living space look alive?

Black accessories for living room

Okay, now for this idea, don’t overdo it. Just place a few paintings framed in black, black knick-knacks, black vase, leather scented black candles, elements of marble and other precious stones look magnificent when paired with black as well. Glossy furniture for your space along with a polished console table will grab the attention of your guests instantly.

A drawing room designed a la mode will show the richness of your taste, so incorporate these lovely ideas and make the heads turn! 

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