Living in the heart of the new business area of Bangkok, Serithai road. The spacious house, 680 square meters, was literally designed for an outgoing person who loves to be surrounded by intimate companions.

Back to 2020, the architecture and designer team at MEPITREE had started this project. About 6 months and more than 500,000 $ were spent on interior and decoration to create superior quality and design.

Glorious bedroom design

The concept of this house is finding the sweet spot of a combination of modern and futuristic design to create a contemporary atmosphere.

We would like to show the craftsmanship of carpentry and metal. We used premium materials, wood, brass and marble as the protagonists of this play to indicate Glorious and calm time concept, says Mr. Polakrit Sakanuchaichan, the chief executive officer and project leader.

All rivet and ceiling borders were delicately calculated and designed to create the perfect perspective to demonstrate the sophisticated and exquisite design of the main hall, while the Master bedroom was designed to tone down the external energy by using a white tone.  However, all details were taken into consideration.

Balancing between the natural color of material and white material was vital. We attempted to create a peaceful space and privacy. The isolated space that is inaccessible from outsiders, but the resident still can enjoy with companions and family.

MEPITREE, we are prodigious designers who are infatuated with developing and delivering modern and timeless design residences for our valued clients. We well-understood the combination between Design and Lifestyle because we do consent that an aesthetic should come up with function.  We provide advice, consulting, interior design service, building structures with expertise who have run 2.5M$ projects.

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