The most effort and time is spent cleaning the kitchen, the most important part of the house. But due to lack of time, people are not able to clean properly. There are many chances of bacteria being produced in dirty kitchen which ultimately make you sick.

We believe that cleaning the kitchen is a tiring task, but having a clean kitchen keeps you and your family away from diseases. So keep your kitchen so clean that the beholder remains watching. From this article, you can get information about how to clean the kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

1. Clean the kitchen shelves

Clean the kitchen cabinets properly after stripping. For this, put a few drops of vinegar in hot water and soak the cotton cloth in it and clean the shelves well. After this, clean it with dry cloth.

2. Cleaning kitchen tiles

Wash the stains on the tiles with a vinegar and wash them immediately with warm soapy water. Rubbing lemon on the tiles keeps their shine even after wiping them with a soft cloth after 15 minutes. If there are yellow spots on the tiles, clean them with salt and turpentine oil. – Liquid ammonia and soap solution also clean the stains on the tiles. To keep the tiles shiny, leave them overnight with bleaching powder and clean them in the morning.

3. Kitchen cabinets

Clean the cabinets by mixing soap in hot water and dipping a sponge or scrubbing pad in it. Clean the cabinet doors, handles and openings on the side, as these areas become more sticky. If you do not want to use detergent for cleaning the cabinet, you can clean them with any household cleaner, but before using, apply it on a small part of the cabinet and see if it can spoil the finish of the cabinet. Not happening

The best way to get rid of grease and oil stains is to use vinegar. If the stains are mild, add half the water to the vinegar and if the stains are deep, then clean them only with the vinegar. Oil and grease stains can also be removed with lemon and club soda. Get the kitchen cabinet painted inside. It can be avoided by insects, cockroaches etc. Remove the appliances placed on the kitchen counter and clean the kitchen cabinet twice a day with a wet cloth and the counter once a day.

4. How to clean microwave

Take out the water and lemon juice in the microwave pot and also put lemon peel in it. Place the microwave pot in the microwave. Turn on the microwave for 6-7 minutes. Do not touch the microwave for 5 minutes after the time is over. Now take the utensil out of the microwave and clean it with sponges, liquid soap. Clean the microwave with a damp cloth or sponge. Now your microwave has shined.

5. Clean the fridge

Fridge is the most important in kitchen cleaning. Special care should be taken while cleaning the fridge. For this, mix lemon juice and vinegar in water and immerse a clean cloth in it, clean the fridge with a light hand. Lemon juice will get rid of the smell coming from the fridge.

What is your tip to clean the kitchen? Share with us in comments.

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