These days, the craze of modular kitchen is everywhere and everyone wants to build such a kitchen in their home. The modular kitchen may be stylish and practical to look at and it is easy to manage, but before you lose your senses by looking at the best design of such a kitchen, you should take care of some important things.

Modular kitchen design

1. How much space there in kitchen?

The design of your modular kitchen depends on how much space there is in your kitchen area. For example, if there is less space in your kitchen then straight or parallel kitchen will be best for you otherwise your kitchen will feel very small and tight. On the other hand, if there is enough space in the kitchen, then L Shaped, U Shaped or Island Kitchen Design can be made.

2. How much storage area required?

Before installing a drawer, shelf cabinet or large units in the kitchen, check how much storage you need in the kitchen. Storage capacity depends on how many things you keep in the kitchen. Also, if you have elderly people in your house, then drawer or pull out cabinet will be the right option.

3. Countertop

The counter top is the most important part of the kitchen and you should pay maximum attention to it. First of all, decide which material you want to make your kitchen counter top – marble, granite or ingested stone. Material choice also depends on how the food is cooked in your house.

4. Which colors to choose?

Avoid placing dark colors such as black and brown in the kitchen as they are not reflectors of light. Use quality lighting on the ceiling and walls, and install an advanced electric chimney just above the gas stove or induction in the kitchen to ensure proper ventilation in the kitchen.

5. Use drawer instead of cabinet

If you want to make the best use of storage space, replace cabinets with drawers. Also, draw steel-wood combinations to make the drawers last longer.

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