Do you want to add some quirk to your overall home decor?

Then a red bathroom is going to be a wonderful idea!

Now, this idea is somewhat unusual, and a tad old-fashioned, some people would say. But it is never a bad idea to stand out from the crowd, right?

Red bathroom decor can fit in a variety of tastes, starting from vintage to the modern ones. So let us explore some exclusive designs for your red bathroom.

Red bathroom design
Red bathroom design

Go minimalistic

If you love the minimalist decor, then red bathrooms would fit that too. You paint it red or can fit in red tiles, whatever you prefer. The red and white combination looks truly amazing. You can use some white appliances on a fully red bathroom to give it a classy and elegant look.

Go bold

You can go for a bold farmhouse bathroom with red walls. Make sure to give some graphite touches on the sink and cabinets. Opt for a checkered floor and printed rug. Make sure that you hang a big square mirror, according to the area on the wall. This decor will look absolutely gorgeous.

Add some white

If you prefer tiles then clad your full bathroom with lots of tiles. You put in a few elements of white like a white bathtub and a white vanity with sink. Place in a glass door to separate different spaces in the bathroom. Place a white rug with elegant print. Place a wooden tool and cabinet to give it an elegant finish.

Another idea is where you can add equal portions of white and red shades in your bathroom. In case you feel that just red might bring in the monotony, this idea is very effective in breaking the boredom and rendering an interesting combination to your bathroom.

Opt for a bright shade

You can go for the bright red color too for a modern look. The combination of bright red and white looks fresh. Add a white sink and white appliance to complete the look. Place a big mirror to enhance the overall decor of the place.

Gallant and modern

You can use bold mosaic tile with different shades of red. You can use a dark wooden color sink which will look really good. Use a plain white vanity top with light-colored wooden cabinet. Hang pendant lamps to give your bathroom a modern appeal.

For your kids

If you are redesigning your kids’ bathroom then a full red bathroom can be a good idea. This will include the bathtub and sink. Use small tiles all over the bathroom. It will not only look great but will also be very easy for you to clean.

Compact bathrooms made spacious

A spacious and nicely decorated bathroom is something that we all love, but we always do not have the area for that. But worry not! With the use of simple but elegant light fixtures and plenty of mirrors, you can easily make your bathroom look spacious and inviting!

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