If you are also attentive about the cleanliness of your bathroom, then these tips can help you in brightening the bathroom.

In the olden days people used to say that before handing the hand of their daughter to someone, the bathroom of her house must be checked. Actually, it is to be believed that the people whose home bathrooms are not clean, such people are not good in person. Daughters should not get married in such people’s home.

But cleaning the bathroom is not so easy. Work too hard, some blemish remains. In such a situation, if you use some household items, you can easily remove the stubborn stains of the bathroom.

Clean bathroom with lemon and salt
Clean bathroom with lemon and salt

1. Clean with salt and lemon

Especially if the Wash Basin is cleaned with salt and lemon, then Basin will start glowing in a few moments. Make a solution of salt and lemon and apply it on the Wash Basin and after 15 minutes wash it with warm water. You will be surprised to see the cleanliness and shine of thes Basin, it will also give a good fragrance.

2. Brighten the bathroom flush with vinegar

Vinegar and lemon will be used to clean the bathroom flush. Mix lemon and salt in vinegar and apply it on the flush. Flush after leaving it for 20 minutes. By doing this, any kind of stubborn stain will be gone and the bathroom will start glowing.

3. Old toothbrush will be used to clean the bathroom door

Do not rub the windows and doors of the bathroom with a scrubber to brighten them. You can use an old tooth brush instead. Make soap or surf solution and clean the windows and doors by dipping a brush in it.

4. Vine will shine with the help of vinegar

If the dirt settles on the tap, it does not leave easily. In such a situation, you can also clean the stubborn dirt on the tap with the help of vinegar. Soak cotton in vinegar and rub it on the tap. This will make the tap shine.

5. Bathroom tiles

Cleaning bathroom tiles is probably the hardest thing to do. Because no matter how clean it is, there is no such thing as new. In such a situation, you can use potato to remove stains on the tiles.

Cut the potato and rub it on the bathroom tiles. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then wash the tiles with warm water. Your bathroom will be as bright as new.

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