While designing the bathroom in a new home or even while renovating an existing one, most people do not bother to pick an appropriate design or bathroom décor. But if you consider yourself different, then you have arrived at the right place.

Designing a modern bathroom can indeed be interesting. Let us quickly go through some awe-inspiring ideas.

Modern ideas revolve around mainly sophisticated, minimalistic patterns and ideas such as contemporary geometric patterns, nude colors, mid-century bath fittings, luxurious bathtubs and so on. The idea is to provide subtle yet elegant designs that add a refreshing feel to your private sanctuary.

Modern bathroom design
Modern bathroom design

1. Simple yet elegant

You can go for nude colors for your bathroom, just avoid adding bright colors to keep it simple yet chic. Add a huge mirror to cover one of the bathroom walls and go for wooden bathroom cabinets.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, either you can hang a few paintings or place flower pots to add the “peachy” factor to your bathroom; after all, you will relax here so keep a few scented candles, and create an ambiance that you will cherish.

2. Modern lighting

Modern bathrooms are never complete without proper lighting. You can go for geometric shapes while choosing light fixtures and windows. For lighting your bathroom evenly you can go for more of skylights, furthermore, adding the natural element to your bathroom is rejuvenating and very interesting so, keep the windows big enough to ensure enough natural lighting.

3. Modern style with a hint of mid-century elements

Mid-century style depends largely upon the furniture, the architecture of the bathroom, the fixtures, and the graphics that are being used in the bathrooms. Keep straight lines in mind always because these are important factors that embody modern elements.

White walls, white tub, white basin, steel bath fittings, wooden flooring, and wooden bathroom cabinets will make your bathroom look like the classic vintage mid-19th-century bathrooms only with a hint of modern style and art.

4. Freestanding bathtubs

Do not forget about symmetry and aesthetics, freestanding bathtubs are the “go-to” options whenever you think of modern bathrooms that look lavish. Place your tub such that it doesn’t disrupt the whole balance of your space. You can go for a rectangular pedestal bathtub; this design is quite fresh and adds modern charm to the bath space.

5. Go green

You can opt for greenery in your shower, surprised? Add natural elements such as plants in the corner of your bathroom or beside your bathtub or on the windowsill or just next to your sink. Make your bathing space look natural yet bright and nothing can beat plants when it comes to matching perfectly with the white decor and the contemporary look.

Some houseplants give out positive vibes which might be good for your mood after a tiring day. Do not forget to go for wooden stools, trashcan and cabinets to enhance the completely natural look.

So, now that you have these ideas at your disposal, just try any of these and add the “feel-good” factor to your modern bathroom!

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