Bathrooms are the most intimate and personal space in the house and one of most the practical ones other than the kitchen. If you have ever loved the majestic and elegant bathrooms in plush hotels, let us tell you, a little more attention to the bathroom decor in your home can also turn it into the luxurious paradise you always wanted.  

A lavish bathroom can be the gorgeous corner of your home that helps you unwind after a tiring day, with a hot bath and time to pamper yourself. Basking in the soft glow of the lamp, you will feel like a royal, relaxed and rejuvenated.

Luxury bathroom interior ideas, designs
Luxury bathroom interior ideas, designs

Here are some decor ideas to turn your bathroom into the plush space that reminds you of the luxurious hotels and spas.

Luxury bathroom design ideas

1. Colour

Monochromes can be one of the most sophisticated and elegant choices for plush bathrooms. Colours like beige, white, grey and black can look magnificent for luxurious decor. The lighter colours can make the area look more spacious and pristine.

2. Walls and Floor

A plush bathroom should have an immaculate finish of the walls, premium tiles, and sparkling marble floors. Be sure to stick to the colour scheme for the rest of the decor so that it does not appear gaudy and overdone. Elegant wallpapers and murals can look chic and stunning as well when selected carefully.

3. Tubs, Wash Basins, Faucets

Marble is the most popular choice for tubs and basins and sleek faucets to match the tubs and wash basins will look gorgeous for your bathroom. For e.g., a bathroom having black marble tub and wash basins can have golden faucets and for a pristine white bathroom, silver coloured faucets can complete the look. A great idea to enhance the royal feel will be to add a feathery floor rug near the bathtub to wipe your feet.

4. Lighting

Proper lighting is very important for a bathroom. Vintage chandeliers or modern pendant lamps can look elegant above the tub. Task lighting for the shelves and accent lights for the walls can fill the space with the soft warm glow, not bright enough to hurt your eyes while you are relaxing, yet making everything visible. Reading lamps can be placed on a side table beside the bathtub for bibliophiles.

5. Potted Plants

A beautiful bathroom can have a touch of nature with potted plants placed aesthetically in the corners or near the bathtub.

6. Ornamental Decor

Ornamental decors can accompany your bathroom design if it matches the colour scheme. A large and regal vintage mirror, floor shelves with intricate designs, stylish curtains and metal hooks for towels can be the parts of the decor as well.

7. Art Pieces

Selected art pieces like paintings, wall arts and miniature sculptures in the bathroom can add some character and elegance to the plush feel.

8. Seating Ideas

Seating is an important part of a luxurious bathroom. Chaise lounges or armchairs with a side table can be practical and look beautiful as well.

9. Storage

For storage in a plush bathroom, a vanity with a mirror or a dresser can work if you can choose matching hues for all the furniture. Wall shelves, floating shelves, and cabinets can also work as well.

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