When the matter is related to the decoration of the house, in such a situation, bathroom is an important part of the house, how can we forget it?

Whenever we return home from outside, whether we are coming from office tired or somewhere shopping from market. Most of the people approach the bathroom as soon as they reach home. At that moment there is no other place more relaxing than the bathroom.

Bathroom cleaning
Bathroom cleaning

Let’s know about the best bathroom cleaning tips with the help of which we can make the bathroom more aromatic and shiny, bypassing the mess of the bathroom.

Top Bathroom cleaning tips

1. Toilet seat cleaning

It is often seen in most of the houses that the yellow layer accumulates on the toilet seat due to washing with bad water, which looks really dirty and ugly. To deal with such an uneven situation and to completely clean the toilet seat, first of all place something around the toilet seat, then immediately remove it from there.

Place a harpic or other toilet cleaner around the seat and place the foot and spread it with a brush. Then after some time rub it with a brush and clean it. Of course, your toilet seat will start to shine more cleanly than before, seeing that everyone will not be able to read your compliment.

2. To remove bathroom odor

Lemon is such a thing in the kitchen that there are hundreds of uses. This is a very effective solution to remove bathroom odor. Put a lot of lemon juice on the floor. Close the bathroom for a while. After that wash the bathroom with clean water. You will feel that with the bathroom being cleaned, it has also become foul-smelling.

3. Water fountain

If you want to make your bathroom interior look great immediately, then the easiest way is to add something new to it. Water fountain makes your bathing experience cool and elegant.

4. The shales

Shells and Pebbles make your bathroom look like a spa room. Spread the shells on a bathroom shelf and place candles around it. Or put flat stones in the bathroom and decorate it with flowers, then see how luxurious your bathroom looks.

5. Fragrance

Aromatic oils and aroma diffusers are good options for removing cold and damp odors. If you are already using fragrances, try something new by changing it and then see how your bathroom environment looks like a revenge.

What’s your tip to clean a bathroom?

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