Kitchen designing is as important as any other part of the house. Whether big or small, your kitchen design should be in sync with the rest of the house, so that the mood of the entire home is set right.

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Designing the interiors of a compact kitchen requires nothing but smart planning and creativity. Here are tips to help you get started!

1. Layout

Once you decide the location dedicated to the kitchen it is time to decide the layout. You can consult a professional if needed otherwise a little research will be helpful.

2. Accessories

For a small kitchen the idea less is more is actually perfect. The kitchen must not be overcrowded with abundant accessories. Stick to the basic ones that are daily used and keep larger appliances in a separate place.

3. Smart kitchen

What makes an ordinary kitchen a smart kitchen? The answer is simple- smart appliances, and make proper use of the available space. The smart appliances are popular as they make the work easier and also they take up very less space and really come in handy!

An intelligently planned kitchen is a modular kitchen. The cabinets save a lot of space otherwise occupied by utensils. These removable shelves and cabinets are useful and also come in attractive shape, size and pattern! The custom made cabinets appeal to the aesthetics of the viewer as they are sleek and stylish.

4. Open kitchen

The concept of an open kitchen is nothing new and has been enjoying the limelight for a considerable time. Open kitchens are hugely popular as they occupy much less area compared to a traditional kitchen. The two other things that can be mentioned are: the open kitchen set up is way less expensive and designing is easier.

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5. Colour coordination

Selecting the ideal colour for kitchen is tricky. Choose a colour that goes well with the kitchen accessories so it looks neat and compact. The right colour enhances the glamour and gives the impression that the size is actually larger.

6. Kitchen cum Dining

Earlier the traditional kitchens generally served both as a place to cook a meal and as a dining place. But the space crunch has made this plan quite impossible. However, some stools can be arranged inside the small kitchen to make a small seating area.

7. Stand out from the crowd

Add a little quirk to the kitchen by introducing pop colour decorative item including lamps, funky accessories. Make a statement with a minimalist touch. A small artwork in one side of the wall will be ideal to complement the overall vibe. If you have a knack for artwork, this might be a DIY challenge for you!

8. Open and airy

Considering space is small, try to keep it open and airy enabling natural light to enter. You can even opt for a rustic open window. Nothing complements the rustic style than wooden design. Go for wooden decor that looks sophisticated and graceful.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t mean compromising on styling it. Change the game with these helpful renovation tips!


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