Almost every housewife is fond of smart and big kitchens. But due to the lack of space at times, she is unable to fulfill her passion. You can also make small kitchens big, but for this, it is up to you how you will organize your kitchen.

Small kitchen design
Small kitchen design

Let us know in which ways small kitchen can be made bigger.

1. Hide stuff

The point here is not to cover the kitchen, but to hide the items in such a way that everything from the kitchen slab looks empty and clean. If your kitchen is not modular, you can fit a stand for utensils and compartments from the back of the door to the slab.

Keep as many utensils as needed to keep the kitchen clean. Pack the remaining utensils and keep them somewhere.

2. Hang the dishes

After using the utensils hang them on the hooks on the wall. The kitchen occupies more space than placing the utensils on the shelf. If you want space in the kitchen, do not let the utensils lie on the shelf.

3. Proper use of walls

If the kitchen is small then it is sensible to put hangers or utensils on the walls. Instead of placing any broken things on them, you can keep steel utensils etc. Try to have their height at least as far as your hand can reach.

4. Sliding tray

Sliding trays can also be placed under the kitchen self. In these treasures, you can keep the things you need such as glasses, bowls or small spices. This will not only keep the goods in one place, but you will also get it easily.

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5. Pay attention to lighting

The lighting of the room is extremely helpful in influencing its size. Always use light lighting in the kitchen. The modular light in Kabard is also helpful in giving the kitchen a bigger look.

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