Painting your kitchen blue can indeed be a highly interesting idea. Blue looks soothing and classic, is calm and can add a lot of character to your kitchen.

Whether you are thinking about redesigning the whole kitchen or just the backsplash or cabinets, there are plenty of ideas that you can put to use. This will add a whole new dimension to the overall look of your kitchen.

Blue kitchen design
Blue kitchen design

Keep on reading to find out innovative ideas to spruce up your clue kitchen.

Blue paint with black tile

Just imagine the combination of black, blue and white. Take a subtle shade of blue and you can apply them on cabinets. Use white as countertops and for the backsplash use some black color. To add more elegance to your overall look, you can put into use patterned tiles. It would look very classy.

Blue wallpaper and kitchen cabinets

The use of wallpaper in the kitchen can seem bizarre! You need to find the right wallpaper with elegant patterns, and make sure that they are not overcrowded. You can paint the cabinets blue with gold accents. Make sure that the shade of the wallpaper matches that of the cabinet color. This will add more class to your overall kitchen decor.

Toile blue wallpaper kitchen

If you are redesigning the kitchen of your beach house, then choose a funky yet minimalist design, and add a splash of deep color in between. You can use the darkest version of blue on the cabinets. Use steel colored appliances and keep a plain white countertop. As for the wallpaper choose one that comes with a white background with cool designs made in dark blue. This design will highlight the vacation mood of the house.

Blue and white vintage kitchen

You can take up an all-white kitchen with blue paints on a few elements. You can paint your gas stove and chimney blue to add a splash of color in the all-white kitchen. You can use pale blue stripes on the white floors too. To add more fun, paint ceilings and some furniture yellow. This would be a fun addition to the overall decor.

You can try another idea by painting the kitchen off-white and then using some darker shades of blue on the backsplash and floor. Make sure the tile pattern used on the backsplash, half of the wall and floor are all the same. Use Moroccan marble as countertops for added charm.

Blue island kitchen

You can have an all-white kitchen with wooden floorings which will look quite elegant. To add some colors, paint your kitchen island blue. Make sure that the shade of blue should not be very bright. The island top, however, should be plain white.

You can use some sleek light fixtures to design the kitchen in a modern way. Now that you have got some cool ideas to design your blue kitchen, we hope that you will be able to choose the best one among these. Be ready to experiment and play with your ideas!

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