To create a pleasant atmosphere in the house, the practice of painting walls and ceilings with colorful paints has been going on for centuries. Under these experiments, many types of shades have been constructed from time to time under new experiments. As a result, today walls can be made antique and designer with oil based and water based paint.

Paint companies to decorate the walls with various types of textures have introduced various ranges of texture paints in the market. With the help of which walls can be given an ornamental and lively appearance by using textured painting, stencil painting, etc. Today, we are sharing detailed information of texture painting through this article.

Texture painting
Texture painting

What is texture paint for walls?

To make the wall surface fashionable, textures of different types of patterns are used with the help of special paints and tools. Texture paintings depict a canvas look and effect on the walls. The effect of texture painting on walls depends on the paint and how it is used.

After coating the base with simple paint, different types of objects can be used to bring the effect of texture to the walls. Such as – sand, ribbon, spatula, sponge, paper, comb, etc. In addition, various types of tools such as spray guns, stencil rollers, wood grinding, etc. are also used for painting the walls.

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