When buying a sofa, it is often seen its color and design. It is equally important to know about its strength and maintenance. By maintaining the beauty of the sofa, its beauty can be increased as well as its lifespan.

By following these tips, you can make your sofa look like new.

Sofa in living room

1. Daily cleaning

Sofas fade quickly due to dust. Also clean the sofa during daily household cleaning. For this, a large brush can be used. Sofas can also be cleaned once a month with the help of vacuum cleaner. If the sofa is of wood then keep polishing from time to time.

2. Fallen Liquid should be removed carefully

Do not clean by adding water if any liquid material falls on the couch. This causes the wood of the sofa to swell and stains on it. Put the clean and dry cloth on it and press it lightly. This will absorb wetting cloth. Leave oil powder on the affected area after oil etc. falls. After some time, clear it. There is a possibility of stains on cleaning with detergent. When buying furniture, inquire thoroughly about cleaning it.

3. Pet habits

We often inspire our pet to sit on the couch. His hair is stuck on the couch. If you have a pet in the house, clean the sofa daily with a brush and clean it once a week with a vacuum cleaner. Stop the pet from sitting on the couch.

4. Distance from sunshine and humidity

If there is direct sunlight on any furniture, its color fades. If the plants are kept nearby, then moisture can make a difference. Avoid these two.

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