Everyone dreams that he has a cute little one. Buying a house is like fulfilling a dream. In buying a house, a person invests all his life’s capital. So deciding to buy a house is not an easy task.

If you are also cherishing a dream for your home, then you should know some important things, which are as follows.

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1. Trust the papers, not the builder or agent

Many times during the purchase of a house, the booklet and brochure prepared by the builder, under the influence of the agent and entangled in the agent’s attractiveness, misses the right decision related to the house. To avoid this, see the layout map approved from the authority. Not only this, take full knowledge of things like number of houses, open space, green space in that project layout.

2. Compliance or Occupancy Certificate

Many times builders build more houses or floors than approved houses, and then sell them to people. In such a situation, it is important that you first ask for a completion or occupancy certificate from the builder.

3. Property price

First of all you should prepare a budget for buying a house. If you know how much you can afford to buy a house, it becomes easy to choose a home. After this, compare your property with the property in the surrounding area. This will let you know whether the builder has given you the right price or not.

4. Bank finance

Before taking any house, you must know which banks are financing for it, and also get the project related information from the banks, this increases the credibility of the project. Because the bank has already taken the information of all the documents before financing it.

5. Buying for stay or investment

First of all consider whether you want to take home for your own living or to invest your savings. If you want to live in it yourself, then you must keep in mind the location of the house, because the environment around the house taken for living is very important.

On the other hand, if you are taking home only for the purpose of investment, then invest only by looking at the possibilities of future retailers.

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