Even when the environment around you is heating up with heat, you can keep some special trees in your house and keep the house cool. It is true that in today’s homes there is no place for more tree plants, but if you are fond of gardening, then you can plant special kind of plants in the balcony of the house or in the window box.

These plants keep the air of the house fresh, purify the air and keep the house cool. There are many types of plants that remove toxic substances from the air and also absorb heat.

There are many plants which are useful in many ways and it is beneficial to keep such plants at home because these plants keep your house cool in summer. So here we are telling about such plants which remove the heat and keep the surrounding environment cool.

Aloevera plant
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Let’s check out top 10 plants that can help you to keep your house cool in summer.

1. Aloe-vera plant

It is a very beneficial and refreshing plant that can be planted at home. This not only keeps the temperature of the house low but also removes harmful formaldehyde from the air. Apart from this, you are aware of the health benefits of Aloe Vera.

2. Areca Palm Tree

Are you looking for a plant that benefits the environment as well? Well it is your choice. This plant naturally maintains moisture which makes your home cool and comfortable. It also removes harmful substances from the air.

3. Baby rubber plant

When it comes to plants that keep the room cool and fresh and remove impurities from the air, the baby rubber plant name definitely comes in it. It does not require regular watering, rather it requires good soil and filtered light.

4. Snake plant

This is a unique plant. Like other plants, the snake plant releases oxygen at night and keeps the temperature low. Not only this, this plant also absorbs toxic substances like nitrogen oxide, trichloroethylene, benzene, toluene etc. and purifies the air.

5. Ferns

According to NASA, ferns are best for maintaining moisture. Along with clearing and refreshing the room air, it also reduces heat. Keep a fern plant in your balcony. It looks very good.

6. Fitch’s Tree

It is also known as Weeping Fig. It cleans the room air and soaks up the heat. It is easy to take care of because it can live in less light and less water. Apart from keeping the temperature low, it also reduces air pollution.

7. Golden Pothos

You are also called Silver Line or Devils Avi. Its evergreen leaves add beauty to your room and at the same time it removes impurities from the air and keeps the house cool in summer. It is easy to keep and does not require much water.

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