Who does not want a big and beautiful house. But is it possible to buy a big house in fast rising inflation and low salary?

Your answer may not be there, but you can make it big by using 5 special tricks in a small area of ​​your house.

Small bedroom design
Small bedroom design

1. Color of Room Walls

The co-founder of Temja Interior Design Studio, Sonia, says that the more light paint or white paint used on the walls of the house, the larger the space will look. White or any light color on the walls of the bedroom will make you feel more space.

2. Don’t miss furniture

Usually, when buying furniture, people pay attention to its design and color combination. If you pay little attention to the size of the furniture, then you can save a lot of space in the bedroom. After doing this you will start to make the bedroom look bigger.

3. Use Lighting Properly

When using a bulb, lamp or tubelight, keep in mind that it is important to have adequate light in the room. Also use lamps or bulbs keeping in mind the walls of the room. If possible, use only LED lights in the room.

4. Empty walls fill the room

Usually people hang big pictures and watch on the bedroom walls. Not only this, many people even arrange to hang their clothes on the wall. To get the feel of a big bedroom, keep the walls completely empty. Apply only the things needed for the size of the walls on the walls.

5. Avoid using curtains

Often you have seen big curtains hanging on the windows of the house. These curtains not only take up too much space but also start flying when the wind blows. It would be better if you use window shutter instead of curtain. This will make you feel more in the bedroom.

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