Growing up, our home was not heavily designed; in fact, our home’s design was more like couch?

Check! Curtains?

Check! Do the colors of said couch and curtains match?

Check! We did not have much money so we had to comply with the “you cannot paint your walls unless you pay a fee” rule that each landlord loved to give out.

So what could we do that did not cost a lot of money and would reflect us?

My mother’s answer to this question was “absolutely nothing!” Since then, I have come up with 5 ways to add more you to your bedroom without breaking the bank.

1. DIY Art

Playing with art can be fun, especially when it is your own art! Something I personally love to do is frame my own artwork. I am a painter who loves to show off my work. I draw inspiration from my surroundings and I always try to have a little fun with my canvas. After my masterpiece is complete, I frame my artwork and add it to my wall.

Bedroom with DIY Spotted Art above Bed
Photo: Bedroom with DIY Spotted Art above Bed

If painting is not your thing, then you can try drawing, printing pictures from the internet, or even creating a mosaic made out of newspaper clippings. The possibilities are endless!

2. Follow a color theme

If you’re having a hard time choosing which color you would like to paint your room, why not develop a color theme? You can pick several colors that you feel go well together and design your room around it. Do not be afraid to change things up a bit and experiment with different ideas. Adobe Color CC allows you to develop any color theme that you can imagine and even sample themes from other users.

White Bedroom with Red Accents
Photo: White Bedroom with Red Accents

This idea isn’t only for those lucky folks who can paint their walls! If you’re a renter, you can always buy temporary wallpaper or buy accent pieces like artwork or pillows that match your chosen color scheme.

3. Design with your hobbies in mind

We all have hobbies that consume our lives. Some of those “hobbies” might happen to include endless hours spent on Facebook or searching the web for new internet memes. Others may have more productive hobbies such as sports, traveling, or reading.

Wouldn’t it be cool to design your bedroom around something that you love to do?

Well you can!

[WARNING: this idea requires you to be as creative as possible! No holds barred!]

As an example: If you want your bedroom to be reflective of your love for travel, then design your room around your favorite place(s) to visit.

4. Work with what you’ve got

Some people believe that you need to paint your walls in order to have a smashing design and to express individuality, but utilizing your wall space effectively can give the same effect. Instead of cluttering your room, add shelving to your walls.

You can add necessities and cool design pieces to add that extra spark. Why not hang up posters, or have fun and play with mirrors?

It is important to remember that this is YOUR room. If you want to hang up that Justin Bieber poster, then rock on! Your room is a reflection of you and if it makes you happy, why not? Need some inspiration? Check out this fun chalkboard wall art.

5. Don’t like your floor? Add a rug.

Look at your bedroom floor. If you’re anything like me you’re checking out that old stain where you spilled some juice last year. You’re noticing that different areas of your carpet don’t match. You might be asking how to the heck did that get there?

But the question you should really be asking yourself is “do I like it?”

The best way to transform your flooring is by adding an accent rug. Pick a funky rug that symbolizes how unique you are. Or add a patterned rug to show your rebellious side. You can even choose a simple rug that reflects your pure nature. Whatever you choose, if it reflects you, it can’t be wrong. A rug that I would love for my room would be this Uttermost Estelle Red Oriental Area Rug.

How have you added more “you” to your bedroom? Share and comment with your own tips and tricks for personalizing your bedroom design!

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