Everyone wants to decorate the house in their own way, but sometimes we make small mistakes in decorating the house, which makes all the decorations of the house look bad. Due to lack of knowledge of the right ways, some mistakes are made, due to which The attractiveness of the room decreases.

If you want to give a new look to your home, then this time while decorating the house, take care of some important things. If you take care of these small things related to the decoration, then your house will look more beautiful and the guests who come to your house will not be able to live without referencing your house.

Lovely home design

1. One size cushion

Generally, everyone puts the same size cushion on the couch, which is not correct. Place unevenly shaped cushions on the couch. First of all, you can also keep a small cushion or a small cushion at the end. Use the same size cushions in different places than decorate them on a couch.

2. Do not decorate fake flowers

Avoid using fake flowers to decorate the house, as home decorations look good only in holiday homes or beach houses. If you use fake flowers in your home, then they will make you feel like a cheap salon. If you want to decorate the house with flowers, then decorate with fresh flowers

3. Photo frames

Sometimes the height of family photo frames or paintings becomes so high that their detailing is not understood. The frames in the group look good but not so much that the entire wall can be seen.

If you do not want to open an art gallery in the house, do not set the frames at high height. Apply them 10-12 inches above the furniture or about 5 feet above the floor so that they can be seen easily. The practical suggestion is that the frames are so high that even a person with normal height can see them and people do not have to see them by stretching their neck.

4. Avoid matching colors

The trend of getting matching colors on all the walls of the house is over. Therefore, this time using different light colors while getting interior decoration done. If you like dark color more then you can use it on one wall. Furniture and curtain fabrics can also experiment with colors to make the color more attractive.

5. Choosing Furniture

Choose carefully – not necessarily the furniture that is adorning your friend’s house, they should also enhance your home. Do not take any furniture. Before taking furniture, calculate your house and after that take furniture. Furniture should fit your home. It should not happen that they take up extra space in your room.

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