Nowadays the trend of wooden flooring is in full swing. Taking care of the wooden floor in winter becomes more important. Hardwood floor is more prone to damage in winter. Normal care is also very important to make the flooring durable.

Not only the cupboards and drawers, designer multiuse showcases made of wood have also become an important part of the beauty of the house. This is the reason that people have started spending their heartlessly on wood work. As for the beauty of the house, obviously no one would want to compromise.

Wooden Floor install in kitchen
Wooden Floor install in kitchen

Let us know how to take care of the wooden floor.

Install thermostat

A low moisture level can cause shrinkage in the wood floor, creating a gap between the cracks or the floor. So put a thermostat in the house, this keeps the temperature under control. Thermostat temperature should not be increased or decreased.

Lay the carpet on the floor

Put carpet, carpet or floor mats on the floor in areas where there is more movement. This reduces the possibility of spreading dirt with dirty shoes, dirty feet.

Shoe rack is in place

Keep your shoes in a shoe rack to preserve the shine of the floor. Also request your relatives and friends to open the shoes at the door and come inside the house.

Use wax polish

A floor cleaner to clean the floor and good company wax polish can also be used to maintain shine.

Vacuum daily

Clean daily with a vacuum cleaner or broom to protect it from dust, dirt. Not cleaning the floor daily can cause marks on the floor and the floor may lose its shine.

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