Cool and neutral colors are white and off white crease for home decoration. Walls in white and off white are no less than a canvas. White and off white color walls not only make you feel at peace but also give a classy look to the house.

White living room design

Follow these tips to decorate the house with white color.

Decorate white walls with photoframes

You can hang a big picture in a light shed on the wall. In the photo, you can also select the family photo. These pictures can be given an ethnic touch by framing the brass. Squares of any shape can be made of square, triangle, oval.

Colorful curtains

In a house with white walls one can play with colors. If you want, you can use colorful curtains, bed sheets, cushions etc. The red, yellow, blue cushions look amazing in the drawing room and also give an ethnic touch to the house. Similarly, pink, peach colored curtains and sheets look good in the bedroom.

Build creativity with stairs

If the walls of the house are absolutely white, then create a little creativity along the stairs and give them a colorful look. Get each step painted in different colors.

White color pot

If you are fond of gardening, then you have a balcony of the house or place some white flower pots near the windows and plant their colorful plants and flowers.

What’s your idea to decorate white color theme home?

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