Life has come to a halt in lockdown due to the worldwide corona epidemic. However, it is important in terms of health and life safety. People’s houses have turned into offices. While working from home, many people have created a virtual office-like environment in one part of the house.

Previously, where only information technology, ie IT sector, had the facility to do work from people, now marketing sector has also been limited in it. Under the restrictions of not being able to get out, people imprisoned in their small flats or small houses are understanding a lot of things.

Coronavirus impact home design, real estate

At the same time, architects experts around the world are looking at it from another perspective. According to him, after the end of the corona epidemic, there will be a lot of changes at home and office.

Experts such as Ukraine’s architect Sergey Makhno, Liquid Space CEO Mark Gilbride and real estate expert Julie Whelan say things will change after the Corona epidemic and there will be a lot of changes at home, office or other workplaces.

According to Sergey Makhno, the lifestyle will be different, our habits will change and along with this the designs from home to office will also change. People will start prioritizing the house over the apartment. Experts are also anticipating that the pace of rapid urbanization may be reduced and will move towards villages and towns.

Actually, a large number of people live in small satellites in tall buildings. Now people understand that it is not good in terms of health. We get used to the lift instead of stairs. If there is no balcony in the flat, it becomes difficult to feel the open air.

Neighbors living nearby are afraid of becoming infected. In such a situation, people will start giving preference to the house instead of the flat in want of courtyard and terrace. Even if it is small.

There will now be more emphasis on the underground floor in the construction of buildings, so that catering and other essential items can be stored when needed. So far, where the trend of making open plane space, living room, dining space and kitchen together was going on, it would be less.

Due to the corona, people have got used to removing shoes in the entrance itself and the bag of goods brought from outside, etc., is also being kept side by side. If it becomes a habit of the people, then the entrance and living area of ​​the house will be different.

People would like to be close to nature

Amidst the lockdown people are giving time to gardening. People who have been away from the screams of trees and plants in the run of life, would like to be close to nature and environment in the coming time.

If new houses are built, then there may be a small garden inside the boundary. Or, horticulture can be preferred over roofs than before. With this, the trend of water and air filtration will also increase in homes.

Big changes will be seen in the office

Changes will also be seen in the design of the office. As such most of the doors of the office will be open or there will be increased use of automatic open tech doors. It may be that the sound technology is used instead of the button in the lift.

The office space may have dividers rather than an open floor. There will be more emphasis on cleanliness and sanitization. The size of the meeting room may increase, so that chairs can be placed a short distance away. Even in the working space, distance between people can be kept more than before. Experts believe that new technologies can be developed for video conferencing, online meetings, etc.

People are doing work from home in lockdown and in many sectors, they are not allowing much difference in work. There is no restriction of eight hours working from home and people do not mind giving extra time if needed.

It is proving beneficial for companies in some circumstances. According to experts, the work from home will get more attention in the coming days. People have started preparing a part of the house for work from home.

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