Everyone wants her house to look different and beautiful. Just like Dream Home. But due to lack of money and time, it becomes difficult to decorate the house every time but it is not impossible.

Here we are providing you some easy makeover tricks for decor that will give your home a stylish look in less time and less cost. Before making a home makeover, decide which room or corner of the house you want to makeover. Then, according to the current condition of that place, you decide your own budget. And shop for decor items keeping in mind your choice and latest fashion.

Stylish living room

1. Wooden flooring

Now it was the era of tiles and marble. Nowadays the trend of laminated wooden flooring is going on. If you want, you can kill a room with light color walls and dark color flooring. Its biggest feature is that it is available in all colors, shades and designs.

Being water proof, it can be wiped with a wet cloth. Moreover, if it goes bad, it can be easily replanted. If you feel that real wooden flooring does not fit your budget, then you can also use wood-like flooring to make room comfortably.

2. Curtains

As soon as we go inside the house, we first notice the curtains. Curtains play an important role in home decoration. It is not necessary to repeat the set pattern in the market or already in operation.

You can experiment with curtains to give the house a trendy look. Just like we have old saris, bed sheets, dupattas at home, which we do not use, you can use them to make curtains. The curtains made of silk sarees give the house a great look. Always keep the length of curtains from ceiling to floor for a royal look.

3. Indoor planting

If you are a nature lover then you must try these makeover tips. At least on the pretext of home decoration, you will keep yourself close to nature. Indoor plantings will not only enhance the beauty of your home, but will also keep you happy and busy.

Planting in living room

If you want, you can give a special look to a particular corner of your house. You can use bonsai, succulents, spiders, palm trees and money plants for indoor plotting to highlight a particular corner of the house.

4. Give a new look with old things

Nowadays most people are adopting retro or desi look for home decor. Or you may have noticed that the old vest is used to decorize the new things. This gives the house a different look. Nowadays tire twist is in trend.

Often, we either throw away the useless tires or throw them in any corner of the house but you should not consider them useless. If you do not have an old tire, you can use the puncture as a decor by purchasing it from here. By placing glass on the top of the tire, you can use it as a table, as furniture to sit on, and old bicycle tires to make a glass frame.

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