Home decoration requires creativity, not money. Everyone wants to decorate their home. There are curtains waving in the colorful air, a garden full of flowers, a magnificent sheet lying on the bed, the colors of the walls rising from one to the other, a beautiful balcony garden and a royal looking sofa.

However, now neither one has the goods nor the bundles of notes to spend more. That’s why people start thinking how to give the house the look of their dream palace in a low budget.

Lovely home design
Lovely home design

Let’s checkout some easy ways to decorate the house in less money.

1. Main door decoration

For this, you can use decorations made of flowers or clay. Nowadays very attractive decoration items made of clay are available in the market. You can apply colorful clay chime on the main entrance of your house. Apart from this, you can decorate 5 to 7 beautiful flowers in the charming pottery near the door by filling it with water.

2. Just change the look of the bedroom

Most of the time we spend in our bedroom too. So you will also get bored seeing similar things every day in the same bedroom. If you want to change the ambien of the bedroom, change the bedcover or bed spread.

If you want, put a canopy around the bed and decorate it with small fairy lights. Believe that when you turn on these lights at night, your surprise will not be there. If you want, you can also change the curtains of the bedroom based on light color tone or layering.

3. Living room decoration

If you feel that getting paint done at home is out of your budget, then there is nothing to worry about. You can give a new look by not painting the entire house with a dark color in one wall of your living room. Apart from this, you can make a work of art on the wall by placing a 3 times darker shade of the color already available in a particular shape in the upper part of the sofa.

4. Amazing stairs

If you have an old staircase in your storeroom, which you sometimes use to remove things at a height, then it is time that you do something creative with this ladder. Make it stand on the wall in the bedroom or drawing room. If you wish, you can decorate this ladder according to your own plants, photographs, antics which can be applied on it.

5. Change sofa cover

An alternative is to change the couch cover and cushion instead of changing the sofa. If the color of your sofa cover is cream, then you should get cushions of three big sizes and three small sizes. Keep the color of the shorter cushion slightly darker. You can also keep the color of your cushion cover matching the color of your doors and windows.

What your call to decorate home in low budget? Share with us in comments.

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